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Do You Have Tech Neck?

It’s no secret that we all spend far too much time on our phones, in an “always-on” world, we are slouching and slumped over our computers and phones for far longer than 9-to-5. Between work and pleasure, the convenience of our phones has a price; tech neck.

What is Tech Neck?

Tech neck is a trifecta of screen-related issues but it is most noticeably seen as poor posture. As we lean forward and downwards to read screens, the movement places upwards of 50 pounds of excess pressure on our skeletal system. This can feel like a strain, stiffness or soreness of the neck and shoulders that leaves you craving a massage. On the neck and décolletage, sagging skin and noticeable creases are seen above the clavicle bones. And think that wrinkles or saggy skin is only for our more esteemed elders? Tech neck is breaking news because of its prevalence in younger individuals.

Here are some tricks to improve your posture and give yourself the much-needed relief you deserve!

Shapeshift Your Reality

Step one is to turn off your phone, close the computer, and get into nature, but we know that isn’t so easy. If you work at a desk, try upgrading to a standing desk where your monitor is in line with your eyesight and you can stand up tall. If you’d rather stick to a chair, the ideal working posture is best thought as perfect 90-degree angles. So typing should be from your arms at 90 degrees with a straight back, and a monitor in-line with your eyes. The goal is to lean less and keep your chin lifted.

Find the Yin to the Yang

To counteract the tech neck strain, you'll want to stretch the overactive muscles and retrain the body to get back to its roots. Yoga and pilates are both excellent practices to counterbalance and improve posture. Heart openers and arm extensions, like Baby Cobra and Upward Facing Dog, stretch and strengthen muscles back into the correct alignment.  

Boundless Self-Care

Take care of yourself—and that means taking breaks from the screen. Get up, walk around, break up the workday with a phone-free lunch outside. Instituting breaks will also serve as a reminder to put posture in check.

If you have an iPhone, apply the Screen Time tool to track and monitor your phone usage. Set the Downtime function to turn off apps during sleeping hours and set app limits to constrict mindless scrolling on Instagram.

Invest in a regular Gua Sha practice, and take it south down the lymph nodes and back up through the center neckline. Or simply massage your neck with some All-Embracing Serum and relieve tension with your hands. Keep in mind that the skin on our neck and décolletage is thin and fragile. Be as gentle as you would with your eye area.

When applying any beauty routine to your face, do your neck a favor and extend the routine right down your neck and upper chest. All of that beauty goodness is also beneficial on the neck.

With that, put your screen down, check your posture, and live mindfully in the moment. 😌



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