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What to Eat for Beautiful Glowing Skin,
Based on Your Dosha

According to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, your skin is a direct reflection of your internal health. The practice believes that it is not about what you eat, but rather what you digest. When you eat the foods that your body loves, your skin will naturally reflect a radiant glow. However, when you eat foods that you think are good for you, but your body isn’t processing it, you’re likely going to notice subtle havocs on your skin. For some, this might appear as blemishes, and for others, it may show as signs of dryness or sensitized skin.

So how do you gain insight on what foods to eat for beautiful glowing skin? Ayurveda believes knowing your dosha or “body type,” is the secret to achieving radiant skin from the inside out. Keep reading below to find out what a dosha is, what your dosha type is, and how you can use it to eat your way to a balanced, clear and radiant complexion.

What is a Dosha?

Ayurveda is based on the belief that our bodies are made up of three mind/body states called doshas. These three “energies” or “body types” are: vata, pitta and kapha, each of which represents two of the five universal elements (air, space, fire, earth and water). While everyone is comprised of their own unique mixture of all three doshas, Ayurveda instructs that we each have a naturally dominant dosha and ideally an equal (yet always fluctuating) balance between the other two. When the doshas are balanced, we are at our healthiest and prime state. When they are unbalanced, let’s say because of our diet, we may develop potential diseases manifested by skin issues, poor digestion, insomnia, irritability, and anxiety.

Below we outline a very easy way for you to determine what your dominant dosha is based on how it naturally manifests on our skin, then discover which foods are best for your dosha plus a special Odacité pick for you!

You’re Vata Dominant: Comprised of Air and Space

Those with a vata skin type have naturally dry skin. If not combatted properly, very dry and dehydrated skin can trigger issues like lack of hydration, rough skin, irritation and the appearance of premature aging. Don’t panic, a solution is below!

What to Eat Based on Your Dosha:

You will want to eat foods that combat the dry nature of the vata dosha. Warm and grounding foods like cooked root vegetables and soups are very beneficial. Hydrating fats like coconut oil and avocados are also a great addition to feed your skin type from within.

Try It! Next time you are craving an ice cold beverage, instead, opt for something warm and take note of how nicely it feels on the inside.

Foods to avoid: Dry foods like beans, raw vegetables and crackers.

You’re Pitta Dominant: Comprised of Fire and Water

Those with the pitta skin type might find themselves struggling with pesky pimples or have an endless amount of beauty marks. The fire element in pitta makes skin more apt to blemishes, sun sensitivity, and inflammation. Don’t panic, a solution is below!

What to Eat Based on Your Dosha:

For fiery pitta, you will want to stick to cooling and sweet foods like fruits (apricots, bananas, cherries) and grains (barley, quinoa, oats).

Try It! Next time you are craving something spicy, opt for something sweet and take note on how calming it is to your digestive system.

Foods to avoid: Spicy, sour and pungent food

You’re Kapha Dominant: Comprised of Earth and Water

If neither of the two above resonated with you, then you most likely have a kapha skin type. Some say kapha’s combination of earth and water is almost like the winner of skin types because its grounding qualities make it so that this dosha rarely needs moisturizer and will likely not see signs of aging until much later in life! However, the excess oil that kaphas produce make it so they are likely to experience an oily t-zone and congested pores. Don’t panic, a solution is below!

What to Eat Based on Your Dosha:

You will want to eat lighter foods to counteract the naturally oily and heavy tendencies of kapha skin. Try artichokes, spinach, apples, lemons, and chickpeas.

Try It! Next time you are craving something fried, opt for something fresh then feel your skin at the end of the day. Is it less oily than usual?

Foods to avoid: Dense foods like pastas, avocados and wheat.

Now onto the good stuff! Read below and discover the Odacité products that will attain your balance and manifest a radiant healthy glow, based on your dosha.

For Vata Skin:

It’s like next level dry skin solution, our Po+R Hydration Serum Concentrate works perfectly to nurture long-lasting hydration so you can wake up feeling fresh-faced.

For Pitta Skin:

For a little skin treat, Ap+P Fragile Capillaries Serum Concentrate is rich in Apricot and Palmarosa oils to wrap sensitized skin in soothing moisture and calm the look of redness.

For Kapha Skin:

Oily skin? No problem. Try our minty-fresh Black Mint Cleanser to deep cleanse, minimize the look of pores and reduce excess shine - without overdrying.

*This article was inspired by Sahara Roses’ Ayurvedic Nutrition Guide



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