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Papaya Popsicles

Hi everyone! Maria here from Spinach for Breakfast! Now that the weather in NYC is starting to get warm and sunny, I am all about making homemade popsicles! They are about as easy as buying the popsicle mold from Amazon. ;) And the best part is you can completely control the ingredients without having to add a ton of extra sugar. Take these Papaya Popsicles for example! There is no added sugar, and they still come out tasting creamy, sweet and delicious just from using fruit.

Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which in medicine, has been used to treat wounds or bedsores. In beauty, papain is responsible for preventing and helping eliminate brown spots--making Papaya a great ingredient for skin hyperpigmentation issues.

I am currently using two papaya products from Odacité to tackle my hyperpigmentation. Both the Pa+G Hyperpigmention Serum Concentrate and A Summer in Hossegor Serum have papaya to help fade dark spots, dissolve dead skin cells, and give you an even-toned glow (literally all I ask for!).

So yes, I am all about the papaya this spring! Popsicle recipe below :)


1 large papaya

1 frozen banana

1/2 lime

1/2 lemon

1 can of full fat unsweetened coconut milk (store in fridge prior)

Vanilla yogurt (*optional)



1. Remove the coconut solids from the coconut milk can and place in the blender. Blend until creamy.

2. Scoop out the seeds from the papaya and add the flesh to the blender with the banana, lime juice and lemon juice.

3. Blend until creamy.

4. Pour into popsicle molds filling each slot a little more than half way.

5. Fill the remaining space with yogurt.

6. Sprinkle granola on the top.

7. Cover, add popsicle sticks, and freeze.



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