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Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula, the Happy Flower


A plant that has stood the test of time. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) has been used by ancient cultures as a natural healer and is still used today as an effective skin care ingredient. Also known a pot marigold, Calendula is not your go-to flower for a traditional floral aroma; instead, it carries an aroma similar to that of tree sap. Perhaps, the best fact about Calendula is that it is said to bloom on the first day of the month, (calends) representing a symbol of happiness :-)


The ancients have gone, techniques have become more sophisticated, and Calendula is now best viewed as a natural cure for various skin ailments. The dried petals contain high levels of flavonoids, known more widely as antioxidants, that have demonstrated an ability to help support healthy-looking skin and reduce the signs of aging. In a medical study, Calendula exhibited an aptitude of stimulating skin tightness and improved skin elasticity, leading to delayed aging process.


For skincare, Calendula can reduce the look of redness and irritation while being a youth-booster. It is one of the most effective plant-based antioxidants to counter free radical damage and harmonize the body.

Calendula not only moisturizes while comforting, but also is known to help soothe the complexion. For sensitized skin types, especially for little ones, Calendula is a soothsayer to help skin develop a feeling of strength and comfort.  


Calendula has serious plant power. Restore, reduce irritation, and hydrate with one ancient ingredient. Calendula is a mainstay ingredient because it’s gentle, soothing, and all-natural, toxic-free goodness. It’s safe enough to eat and the flowers can also be an excellent addition to salads and soups or drunken as a tea. No matter how you explore the myriad of benefits this plant has to offer, it's a promising plant with ancestral backing. This miracle ingredient is perfect for all skin types.

You can find it in the following Odacité products:

Deep Hydration Masque: an intensive moisturizer with Calendula to encourage suppleness and help keep skin youthful looking.

Perfect Nutrients Body Lotion: nourishing body lotion made with Calendula to deeply hydrate beyond the surface.

All-Embracing Serum: Calendula offers its extremely soothing properties to this delicious, velvety formula.


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