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How To Travel Like A Jetsetter...
Even When You're Not

As a Parisian who moved to California, I knew I had some long flights in my future. What I didn’t know at the time, was that I would be spending most of my time traveling. Sourcing high-quality ingredients near and far hasn’t always been easy. But I’ve learned some tricks along the way to help anyone travel more like a jetsetter, even if you only travel home for the holidays. Here are some of my tips for a more radiant journey:

Strategize, Plan, then Edit Mercilessly

Commit to a carry-on. Your time and vacation are precious. The absolute last thing you want to do is waste time waiting on luggage- or worse- deal with lost luggage. And with so many chic carry-on options out there, like Away, Raden, Muji, you’ll feel smart and light. After spending six months on the road over the past few years, I’ve really leaned into the less-is-more mantra.

Now that you know what you're working with, my advice is to plan multi-functional outfits, then cut by 20%. It is absolutely rare that anyone ever wears every single thing they packed—more likely is that you’ll be in loungewear and layering up. Another good rule of thumb is to determine one color palette and cascade those colors across outfits. The majority of clothing should be neutrals (think white, black, navy, cream) and use accessories, striped t-shirts, or my personal favorite—scarves!

Wear what you normally wear - be yourself. You’ll feel more comfortable traveling in classic mainstays. Dress up for nights out and weave in resort-wear.

Pre-Flight Skin Prep

I prepare my skin the night before, and then do an abbreviated routine in-flight, depending on how far I am traveling.

This also helps with the frenzy I usually have trying to pack and organizing before a trip! Planes, trains, and automobiles can severely dehydrate skin, so I pack in as much moisture as possible with Hyaluronic Acid and potent serums before getting on the plane. The morning or evening before a long flight, I exfoliate, deep cleanse and infuse my skin with antioxidants, using the Green Ceremony Cleanser, this is my favorite cleanser of all times. Then top off with a mist and massage in Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème mix with Ma+N Elasticity Serum Concentrate to seal my skin barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss.

In My Bag

I make a concerted effort to living a Californian lifestyle, whichever continent I may be on. I travel with my yoga mat, which forces me to do at least 20 minutes of sun salutations every morning and helps fight off jet lag. Before every trip, I pack 1000 mg Vitamin C daily Immune boost throat spray and bags of green tea, along with snacks. Perhaps the craziest thing that I travel with is a mixture of epsom salt and baking soda for my mandatory post-flight bath. I prepare this before I leave and it never fails to perplex some TSA agents.


My LA diet on-the-go is no simple task. In fact, a good part of my suitcase is filled with Moon Juice’s pantry nuts and crackers. I also can’t leave without their activated dusts & Vinegar Almonds with their dairy-free Herb & Cheese Crisps. I also always have their Activated Turmeric and Coconut & Lime Pepitas on hand. Airline food is notoriously loaded with sodium, which will only exacerbate dehydration that is occurring. I also always bring water and advise anyone to bring a reusable bottle to refill after security, or splurge on a large bottle of water at a gift store - your skin and organs will thank you.

That Model-Off-Duty Airport Look

Athleisure all the way. I don’t even think of wearing anything aside from leggings, a crewneck sweater, and sneakers. Security lines can make you sweat, and airplanes can be frigid, so when in doubt, layer up. A big scarf can double as a blanket, and a sweater and light jacket combo can serve dual purposes upon arrival. I also always have some thick in-flight socks!

In Air

While in air, I like to do a “touch up” of sorts to my pre-flight skincare routine. I travel with our Holiday Jetsetter Kit and as soon as I get on the plane, I cleanse with the Black Mint Cleanser, spritz the Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist, apply a thin layer of the Deep Hydration Masque, and then rub an essential oil blend onto my wrists. Just as we are about to take off, I take five very deep breaths while smelling the relaxing oil. Time and time again, this helps me doze off.

Touchdown Routine

As soon as I arrive at my hotel, I unwind with a bath filled with epsom salt and baking soda that helps detox radiation from my system. Following my bath is a 15-minute jetlag yoga routine where—let’s be honest—I mostly stretch. Shortly after, I will do a five-minute meditation in bed, and voilà! I'm sound asleep no matter the time difference.



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