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Why does my skin need Vitamin C?

You probably already turn to Vitamin C when you feel tired or sick, but did you know that factors like sun exposure also affect the Vitamin C content in the skin?

Supported by science and recommended by dermatologists, Vitamin C can make the skin appear brighter, firmer, and more youthful — but the type of Vitamin C you use matters as well. Following the latest scientific advancements in skin care, we utilize a new form of stable Vitamin C ester, Tetrahexyldecyl Acorbate, in formulas like Crème de la Nuit and An Autumn On The World to give you clinical grade results at home.

Discover the power of Vitamin C, an Odacité favorite that we return to again and again when formulating our latest skin saviors.

What exactly is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a triple-action Clinical Active scientifically proven to:

✓ Regulate melanin to even out skin tone

✓ Fight free radicals for youthful skin appearance

✓ Boost production of collagen to firm skin

A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C helps regenerate skin cells while fighting off free radicals in our environment such as UV rays, toxins, cigarette smoke, and pollution. Free radicals can cause a dull complexion and premature aging of the skin, making Vitamin C a critical nutrient for improving the quality of your skin and preventing future damage.

When applied topically, your skin responds to Vitamin C’s highly acidic nature by boosting its production of collagen and elastin, two very important protein fibers that help keep your skin plump and firm. This makes Vitamin C a natural choice for anti-aging skin care, with a serum being one of the most efficient ways to enjoy all its benefits.

Vitamin C also constrains the production of melanin, the principal cause of skin discoloration like dark spots or hyperpigmentation, without altering your skin’s natural coloring. It’s a win-win for your skin!

How should I add Vitamin C to my skin care routine?

You can apply potent doses of Vitamin C to the skin topically using a Serum formulated with clincal grade Vitamin C or high-performance botanicals that are naturally rich in Vitamin C — but you can also reap the benefits of Vitamin C through masking, as well as enveloping the skin in an active night cream so that you can wake up to newfound radiance.



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