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Create a stress-free home using Feng Shui

While recently visiting Hong Kong, I understood the importance of Feng ShuiThis ancient Chinese philosophy of positioning objects and buildings in harmony with nature - from the orientation and shape of a building, to the position of entrance and furniture - are believed to influence wellness, good fortune and prosperity. No wonder Feng Shui masters are considered just as important in the design of a building/house than architects.

Even without a Feng Shi master we can follow some of its principles to organize our spaces and increase positive energy or Chi in our environment. 

Using the Feng Shui principles, you can turn your home into the ultimate place of restoration - a place to heal, grow and a place of comfort. 

Here are my best Feng Shui tips to help you create, or possibly improve the balance, flow and harmony in your living space!

1. Declutter:
Clutter is referred to as stuck energy in your home. This is usually the hardest step for most but one of the most important in Feng Shui. Clearing the clutter will open up so much space for you to manifest the future you want.

2. Respect your senses: Everything around you should support your intentions in some way. Avoid using toxic chemicals in your home and on your body. Instead opt for products made from all-natural ingredients that do no harm to you, those around you and the planet.

3. Let the light in: Open your windows often to let in fresh air, light and good energy. When you do use indoor lighting, opt for warm light.

4. Go green: Accessorize and decorate your home with fresh plants, fruits, crystals and rocks to promote positive energy and bring good luck to your space. It is also recommended to add water elements in your home as they attract good Chi and promote a feeling of relaxation and harmony.

5. Interior design: The ultimate way to unblock the energy in your living space is to use the Feng Shui concept called “command position.” Arrange your important furniture pieces in ways where you can easily see the doorway without being in direct line with it. This puts you in the best position to deal with whatever might be coming through the door and into your life.



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