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Avocado Breakfast Toast

You know that saying "you are what you eat"? They were not kidding. You literally are what you eat since everything you put into your body becomes a part of not only your inner being but also shows on the outer fabric of your body as well. 

Yes that means it is possible to eat foods that combat signs of aging, dehydration, acne, and dullness. This week we are making recipes that make your skin supple and plump like no other, because who doesn't want to start the new year with a rejuvenated moisturized complexion.

This morning we are starting with an all-time favorite, avocado breakfast toast. 

Avocados help fight the aging process from within when eaten. The fruit is filled with antioxidants that will help detoxify your body and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Skin tip: apply mashed avocado to your face while enjoying this delicious breakfast for added benefits. The healthy fats in avocado will moisturize your skin and reduce inflammation. 



2 organic quinoa cakes or slices of gluten-free bread, toasted

1/2 avocado, mashed

2-3 medium radishes, finely sliced

1/2 lemon

Olive oil to drizzle

Fresh cracked black pepper

Sea salt to taste



Divide all the ingredients between two toasts: spread mashed avocado then layer radish slices and top with garnish of choice like sprouts or chia seeds. Finish by drizzling a little olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice and salt and pepper. Enjoy immediately ;)






A skin-compatible fusion of Raw Nature and Clinical Actives which can be felt as soon as your fingers touch the skin.

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