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AI Farming: The Future of High-Performance Beauty

Since Odacité’s inception, we have been committed to sourcing only the highest quality, nutrient-rich ingredients from nature. Unfortunately, the quality of the plant can be affected by so many factors! In an ideal world, we always want to harvest our ingredients at peak potency – which already creates shortages and challenges during non-seasonal months. During the global pandemic, the sourcing process became even more difficult than it already was – especially as global warming continues to negatively impact crop growth. Extreme weather conditions, cold and hot temperatures, and deplenished soil will only continue to yield lower nutrient plants.

Our sustainable solution? AI Farming!


Why AI Farming?

We have always wanted to formulate an eye cream with Edelweiss because of its impressive bio-active compounds.

To survive extreme Alpine environments, Edelweiss grows with extreme self-preserving Antioxidants & DNA-Protecting Actives – which makes it the perfect skincare ally to help us fight environmental aggressors like UV Exposure, chronic stress, pollution, & excess screen time.

Unfortunately, Edelweiss is extremely rare and protected – which makes it almost impossible to source from its wild environment.


What is AI Farming?

In order to create the optimal AI-generated indoor precision environment, we conduct multiple experiments on the Edelweiss in controlled environments, we analyze the results, and feed the data to AI so that we can generate the perfect growth recipe for our Edelweiss with the power of AI Machine Learning.

This process allows us to immediately respond to and regulate every single environmental factor that positively impacts the growth of our Edelweiss, so that it can grow with an enhanced concentration of Leontopodic Acid + Chlorogenic Acid, the two key acids known for their exceptional anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.


How is AI Farming more sustainable?

The Edelweiss is a plant that has adapted to its remarkable level of resilience out of necessity, and we just use AI to push the plant to its highest possible limit. Our method of indoor AI-generated farming also helps to solve sourcing issues while also minimizing environmental impact, requiring limited land use, no pesticides, no fertilizers and a reduced need for irrigation.

Is AI Farming the future of beauty?

As a pioneer in clean beauty, we decided to look at the pros and assess how AI can help us. The beauty of AI is that it is self-learning, always improving the cultivation process with each new harvest. While it is still a very expensive method of growing plants, we predict that AI Farming will continue to be utilized not only to provide enough nutrient-rich botanicals for beauty products but also to feed the world while minimizing the impact on the environment.



A skin-compatible fusion of Raw Nature and Clinical Actives which can be felt as soon as your fingers touch the skin.

  • Made Clean in California

  • Vegan-Friendly & Cruelty-Free

  • Derm-Tested & Hypoallergenic