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12 Ways to Reuse Your Odacité Bag

Did you know that in the U.S., we use a million plastic bags every 5 minutes? These end up in a landfill and can take up to 1,000 years to fully degrade (oceancrusaders.org). Using your own non-toxic bags makes an unbelievable impact on our environmental footprint, especially when repurpose in more ways than one.

1. Replace your plastic bags.

The number printed on the front of your bag is your tare weight and remember to deduct it when measuring and checking out your produce at the grocery store.

2. Use it as a makeup and toiletry bag.

Great for organizing and stowing away underneath the bathroom sink!

3. Repurpose as a shoe bag.

Keep shoes safe and clean at home and during travel.

4. Organize the inside of your tote bag.

Don't just dump everything in the main pocket! Separate small items for easy access.

5. Store your art materials.

Organize your crafting supplies for knitting, painting, embroidering and more.

6. Turn it into DIY art project!

Grab your fabric markers and turn it into a family activity.

7. Separate your delicates.

Use it as a laundry bag to protect your valuable clothing.

8. Make a potpourri bag.

Fill it with dry lavender or some of your favorite dried flowers and hang it in your closet.

9. Organize your child's toys.

Separate LEGOs or other small toys to prevent them from getting lost.

10. Use it as a gift bag.

It's eco-friendly, and they can reuse it in whatever ways they would like!

11. Take your meals on-the-go.

Use it as a lunch or snack bag!

12. Use it as a diaper bag.

Easily goes wherever you and your baby go.


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