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Why Beauty Snacking is 2022's Latest Skincare Trend

Hungry skin, anyone? A beauty snack is an express skincare routine that can be done at any time of the day to give a little boost to skin and morale. According to the trend firm, WGSN, “beauty snacking” is the latest skincare trend of the year.

When should I be beauty snacking?

While the average beauty buff prioritizes a full skincare routine in the AM and the PM, what do you do in the interim? After sweating at the gym or while sitting at a desk… what can you do to give your skin a quick pick-me-up? The answer is simple. Nibble on some flash treatments that deliver an instant beauty boost, while creating happiness and pleasure for yourself.

Where did beauty snacking come from?

This beauty micro-moment phenomenon emerged during confinement in an attempt to break the routine of working remotely and spending long days at home. ⁣⁠⁣We can’t always do a face mask in the middle of a Zoom call, but we can use discreet products that give an effect in a few seconds.

How can I start beauty snacking?

Take little breaks with mini skincare "snacks" as soon as your skin feels hungry. Tight skin, tired eyes, dry lips? Just give yourself a little "pick-me-up." This month, we're taking a soothing midday break with our NEW le Blue Balm. If cold temperatures and mask-wearing are causing irritation, a gentle pat of le Blue Balm around the nose, lips, and eye contour throughout the day delivers a deeply nourishing and regenerative boost.




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