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What happens to your skin when you travel?

We've all been there. You've been planning a vacation for months... fantasizing about the irresitible beaches and brunches, shopping for new outfits to wear on every adventure, carefully planning every photo opportunity to make plenty of memories. But when you touch down in your destination, your skin immediately feels tight, dry, and uncomfortable. What is it about traveling that puts so much stress on the skin — and how can you part the seas of your vacation skin concerns to make room for smooth sailing and skin ahead? We've got you covered.

Why does traveling make the skin feel so dry?

Traveling to a different climate than what your skin is used to can cause dry skin especially if you're traveling by plane. Airplane cabins have extremely low humidity, which makes the skin dehydrated and dry. Dry air is always in search of moisture, which means it's going to take it directly from deep within your skin. This process is known as TEWL (transepidermal water loss), which happens more frequently in airplane cabins or low humidity areas.

Why might my vacation diet cause inflammation?

We don't strive for perfection and we certainly enjoy our fair share of indulgences — but too much sugar, salt or alcohol can unfortunately cause inflammation throughout the body and puffiness in the skin. These substances are immediately absorbed into the body, leading to concerns such as rising insulin levels, breakdown of collagen and elastin, and water retention.

What happens when you introduce the skin to a new water source?

Different areas have different levels of hard or soft water sources depending on the level of dissolved minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. When combined with your skincare products, these different water levels end up having a different reactions on the skin, especially if you have a more sensitive skin type.

How do I keep my skin balanced while abroad?

Keeping the body and skin hydrated while traveling is key. Don't be shy... refresh on-the-go with a liberal spritz of our Hydra-Treatment Mists (these are TSA-friendly!). Keep moisture locked in while traveling with a protective sealant like le Blue Balm Repair Balm. Nourish your skin with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, while targeting specific skin conditions as they arise with our Serum Concentrates.



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