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What Are Free Radicals?
And How Do They Affect Your Skin?

Even the most health-conscious consumer can find themselves at sea when reading up on the latest in beauty and wellness. You may have come across terms like “free radicals” and “antioxidants” when researching new developments on how best to care for your skin, without ever finding out exactly what they are. How do they affect your skin? Why does it seem like they’re always fighting each other?

Read on for a breakdown of the latest scientific research on what free radicals are, how they work, and how you can defeat them with antioxidants.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are particles that are known to damage healthy cells in our body. These unstable molecules are missing an electron and seek to steal an electron from stable molecules in order to stabilize themselves. Unfortunately, that means the molecules that are “robbed” of an electron then become unstable! This causes a chain reaction, known as a free radical cascade, that creates additional free radicals in our bodies.

Where Do Free Radicals Come From?

Also known as reactive oxygen species (ROS), free radicals are a natural byproduct of cellular metabolism, meaning they’re part of human biological processes.

Although free radicals are produced naturally in the body, they can be found almost everywhere around us. Some common free radical triggers are the sun’s UV rays, environmental aggressors, pollution, cigarette smoke, and toxins.\

How Free Radicals Damage Your Skin

Our bodies naturally produce free radicals to combat external dangers like viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately, having too many of them will begin to affect our skin’s structural layer and defensive barrier (e.g. collagen and lipids). Free radicals can damage the skin when trying to grab an extra electron from other molecules in the body. When these molecules are stolen, it causes direct damage to our skin's DNA which results in accelerated skin aging. Skin damage done by free radicals may appear in several forms: premature wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation, unevenness in skin tone, and lackluster skin. Over time, the effects of free radical damage often grow more and more noticeable.

Here’s the good news!

Antioxidants are your solution to fighting free radicals! Antioxidants act as the body's defense system and help neutralize free radicals. The power of antioxidants’ effectiveness stems from their willingness to give up their own electrons without becoming unstable, thereby stopping free radical damage.

Super Antioxidants For Your Skin

VITAMIN C: Full of potent antioxidants, Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients for your skin, clinically proven to fight against free radicals. It also plays a crucial role in the process by which your skin creates its supportive structure to stay firm and healthy.

VITAMIN E: Vitamin E (tocopherol) is an antioxidant naturally present in our bodies, known for its ability to soothe and firm the skin. It works to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots to reveal youthful-looking skin.

Benefits of topical application of Vitamin E include photoprotection against UV-induced damages as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

CoQ10: Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinone,is a super-antioxidant proven to combat signs of aging. Naturally present in our bodies, it starts to decrease in our 30s. Lower levels of CoQ10 are associated with skin aging, particularly deeper and more pronounced wrinkles.

Scientific studies show that topical application of CoQ10 results in a reduction in wrinkle depth and fine lines. It also has the capacity to be absorbed into the skin, building up over time as you continually apply it.

GREEN TEA: The use of Green Tea in skin care has risen rapidly thanks to its super-antioxidant power. Bursting with potent antioxidants, Green Tea helps minimize signs of aging, reduces oiliness, and control the appearance of breakouts and dark circles.

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