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Strawberry Banana Yogurt Pops

Hi everyone! Maria here from Spinach for Breakfast.

Fresh fruit is often a go-to dessert of mine. It has so many amazing vitamins for our body and our skin! Take Vitamin C for example. It can help increase your energy, boost your immune system and even acts a skin fortifier, providing the skin with the support it needs to appear firm and youthful. I love Odacité’s An Autumn On The World 15% Vitamin C Serum to tackle these issues!

But back to dessert :) I started making these frozen banana pops with strawberry yogurt and a drizzle of peanut butter and chocolate, and they are so good! Super refreshing for summer when you don’t want to go straight for ice cream. Make one for yourself, or a whole bunch for a crowd. Enjoy!


2 Bananas

1 Individual Container of Strawberry Banana Coconut Yogurt (I used So Delicious)

Scoop of Peanut Butter (or however much your heart desires)

1/4 cup of Chocolate Chips

Popsicle Sticks


1. Cut off a small piece on one end of each banana and stick in a popsicle stick

2. Spoon or dip the bananas in yogurt until fully covered (it may slide off the first time, it's ok just get as much as you can covered)

3. Lay dipped bananas on a plate with parchment paper and freeze

4. Once the yogurt is frozen, repeat this step again and freeze

5. Melt the 1/4 cup of chocolate chips

6. Remove the frozen bananas and drizzle peanut butter and melted chocolate

7. Freeze one last time

8. Allow to thaw for a few minutes before enjoying!



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