Mango Citrus Vitamin C Smoothie

We all know vitamin C is the queen of collagen above all, and to no surprise it is also a necessary component to our health when ingested. 



A daily dose of vitamin C can:

increase your energy

give your skin a vibrant glow from within

 boost your immune system

fight off cold symptoms

lower hypertension

boost your mood

and aids in the healing of wounds. 

The most effective way to get vitamin C daily is through whole fruits and vegetables; however; what most people don't know is that cooking treatments cause a dramatic loss of the vitamin nutrients. 

Below is our favorite mango citrus smoothie enriched with vitamin c so that you are getting your daily dose in the most delicious and easiest way!



To view the Mango Citrus Vitamin C Smoothie recipe click here

Recipe and Images by: The Pretty Bee

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