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I Travel 6 Months A Year Without Getting Sick. Here's How

I love to travel. It's an integral part of what I do for a living, but I travel for pleasure regularly too. Seeing other parts of the world is truly invigorating from a mental and spiritual standpoint as well.

But of course, frequent travel comes with its fair share of logistics. I'm often asked how I stay healthy, free from head colds and sinus infections, and well—no stress, no problem—while traveling more than six months out of the year. My longest flight takes me to Hong Kong on a 15-hour journey. Between the dry air, the radiation of air travel, and the inevitable germ exchange that happens when hundreds of people are stuck in a small cabin, there's a lot that can go wrong. But I've found that a little preparation and an arsenal of goodies are key to staying healthy—and, yes, arriving with fresh a complexion.

These tips will help you stay hydrated, rested, and healthy through the season:

1. Try a pillow prop-up to relax.

Unfortunately, I’m not a good sleeper on planes! I’ve learned from a good friend, essential oil maven Hope Gillerman, that propping up your arms with a couple of pillows helps you relax. I've tried it and can say it truly works! Noise pollution is a killer on planes, so I either wear earplugs or listen to oh-so-relaxing Brian Eno. I slide my eye mask on to block light and, with these measures, I fall asleep.

2. Steer clear of colds and viruses.

My No. 1 travel rule is never touch airplane food. Instead, I travel with Moon Juice snacks and ask for fresh fruits—most airlines carry apples and bananas. I also rely on MycoShiled Immune Support Peppermint throat spray for a good boost to my immune system. The peppermint version also works as a breath freshener. I also usually dab a touch of essential oil of Ravensara (from Madagascar) at the base of each nostril to ensure I’m not breathing any germs. I also never go without EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer, which also shields me from any bug attack!

3. Get grounded.

To get grounded in a new time zone, I use Natural Rest Travel Remedy by Hope Gillerman and take a walk, even if it’s just for five minutes before my first meeting. It's important to make the time to stretch your legs

4. Don't abandon your evening routine.

Keeping your evening rituals will help you feel more at home. Here is the ritual I swear by to adjust to the local time:

  • I follow my skin care routine to relax and rejuvenate—and bring this TSA-friendly version with me.
  • To fall asleep, no matter what time zone, I do 10 to 20 minutes of jet lag yoga from any video I find on YouTube.
  • If I'm in a room with a great tub, I follow this with a relaxing bath—half Epsom salt and half baking soda, to remove radiation from air travel.
  • Then I do five minutes of meditation in bed, and I’m sound asleep, no matter the time zone.

5. Pack some of your favorite healthy dry goods.

To stay healthy in a not-so-healthy world, I fill my suitcase with my "I can’t live without" pantry:

  • Organic green tea bags and Moon Juice ashwagandha to fight fatigue.
  • Thrive Market coconut wraps to turn any lame salad into a feast.
  • Chia seeds that I soak overnight with goji berries, lucuma, and maca for a super-delicious and nutritious breakfast.

With a little prep and planning, you'll beat jet lag and feel like your healthy self in no time.



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