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Fig & Honey Stacks (Brunch Idea!)

While avocado toast (toast layered with avocado and optional toppings) held its place as the top trending brunch food over the past couple of years, a new term is becoming more popular than ever for these food layering recipes.

Stacked is the new layering, and by looking at the popular Instagram hashtag #stacked, you will see why. It isn't about how many toppings you are using, it is about how many times you use them to create one big stack. 

These fig and honey stacks are made up of a crispy gluten free slice of bread, yogurt, fresh figs, blueberries and raw honey. To keep it healthy and sweet, two to three layers in your stack is more than plenty but feel free to add as many as needed!

What we love most about figs are their antioxidant capabilities. High antioxidant foods like figs, help stave off major disease, aging and cancer. These natural health boosters are said to be an even better source of phenolic compounds and increased antioxidant activity when dried properly.



6 fresh figs, washed and halved along their length

3 tbsp raw organic honey

Thin crust wholegrain bread, toasted or bread chips

Yogurt to spread or softened cheese 

Fresh blueberries

Cinnamon (optional)



1. Toast your favorite thinly slice bread. 

2. Mix a dash of cinnamon into your yogurt or soft cheese. 

3. Spread on bread slices.

4. Cut up the figs. Place them on top of the yogurt. 

5. Top with blueberries then drizzle with honey.

6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 to create your stack!



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