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CRUELTY-FREE: What does it mean & why is it so important?

Here at Odacité, being cruelty-free has always been at the heart of our philosophy. Our team holds animals near and dear to us, and we value the importance of cruelty-free formulations. We dug deeper and asked Odacité founder Valérie Grandury what being cruelty-free means to her, why she thinks it’s important, and how going cruelty-free may be better for your soul. Here’s what she had to say!


What does being cruelty-free personally mean to you?

This is something I'm super passionate about and goes way beyond embracing cruelty-free practices at the office. At Odacité, obviously none of our products are tested on animals and we also make sure that all the ingredients we use are cruelty-free. It was important for us to know that there would not be any animals harmed in the development of our products.

Personally, being cruelty-free to me also means adopting a holistic and vegan lifestyle. Thirteen years ago, after being diagnosed with breast cancer and reading Dr. Campbell's book, The China Study, on the negative effects of animal protein on our health, I switched overnight to a vegan diet. I was amazed at the immediate difference it made in my health, my energy levels, and the glow of my skin. The most extraordinary thing was the calming effect it had on me - I felt like all the fear and anger had disappeared from my body. Upon researching, I learned more about the cruelty of animal farming and came to believe that by consuming meat or dairy, we also consume their fear, sadness, and pain, and that it affects our energy in the most negative way.


Why do you think being cruelty-free is important?

Animals are sentient beings that feel pain just like we do. I strongly believe that every breathing soul deserves to be treated with compassion, respect, and kindness on this beautiful planet of ours.

Today, with In Vitro technology, there is NO reason to test on animals. Being cruelty-free is so much a part of the heart of Odacité, that we refuse to distribute our products in China because China has required testing on animals. Sadly most big skincare and makeup companies do!


Are cruelty-free products better for your skin?
How can an individual make sure their products are cruelty-free?

Although there have been no proven scientific studies that cruelty-free products are better for your skin, they are for sure better for your soul! PETA has been active in providing a searchable database of over 3,500 cruelty-free companies on their website, making it accessible for conscientious buyers to verify other like-minded cruelty-free brands. We also recommend checking for the PETA Bunny logo to make sure the products meet ethical standards.


How do you explain the rise of the cruelty-free and vegan movement?

I feel that there is a growing awareness that cruelty-free living and veganism relates to the role we want to play in the universe, to our duties toward animals, the environment, and the future of our planet.

Many recent documentaries have inspired so many and showed how a plant-based diet positively impacts the planet and our health. I highly recommend What The Health, Fork Over Knives, Cowspiracy, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and Food Inc.

A recent report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization shows that the animal farming industry generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all transportation... this is insane! Plus animal farming is also a major source of rainforest deforestation and water degradation, destroying wildlife and polluting our water reserve.

The growing awareness comes from a realization that each and every one of us has a role to play in this world, and that each and every one of us makes some kind of impact on the planet every day. We are in such a fortunate position of being able to choose what sort of impact we make and ask ourselves how little choices affect future generations.

The choice is ours and the power is in each of these little choices we make every day. What do we buy? What do we wear? What do we eat? Each time we choose to purchase products that are vegan and made without animal testing, we make a conscious decision to support the health of our planet as well as the wellbeing of all the beings that live on it.

So we want to thank you all for taking a stand and keeping our furry friends safe every time you choose Odacité!




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