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Kyoto, Japan

Purity, Respect, Harmony, Tranquility

I arrived in Kyoto between a meeting in Hong Kong and a meeting in Tokyo, following my new year resolution of taking one "me day" while on business trips.

On that January evening a snow storm was slowly covering the city. At dawn, temples and gardens were glittering under a soft coat of snow, turning the discovery of the city into a magical and spiritual experience. 

I discovered a world of perfect harmony with nature which touched my soul so profoundly. Here in Japan I felt in a country of absolute difference, where any task becomes a delightful ballet of etiquette, mindfulness and attention to others.

At mid-day I stopped in a Zen Buddhist Temple, where monks prepare meals for the visitor. Blessed and cooked according to ancient Buddhist tradition (of course free of any animal products) this meal was way more than food, and felt like a spiritual experience. No meal in my life has felt more soul-touching, from the harmony of the tatami covered room with red carpets, to the gorgeous yet simple little plates and bowls, to the delicacy of the food and the way it was offered to me, this was one of those “pearl of wonderment” moments.

I then met a tea ceremony master as I was curious about matcha. Well there again my curiosity was met with an experience like no other. An older lady in a perfect ceremony kimono, with measured gesture started by explaining the four founding principles of the Tea Ceremony:

Purity, Respect, Harmony and Tranquility.

These 4 words resonated with so much meaning, as a way of life but also for their similarity to the founding principles of all Odacité formulas.

She then had me taste the different grades of matcha, from the worst quality (the one you will find in your matcha latte) to the premium ceremony grade, drunk by monk before meditation.

As the green elixir touched my palate, I could feel the extraordinary chlorophyll content and the power of all antioxidants awakening my mind and spirit.
This was going the be my next ingredient - chlorophyll to help detox the skin and bring oxygen to the capillaries, while antioxidants will ensure a fresh healthy glow.
And so was born the Green Ceremony Cleanser.


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A skin-compatible fusion of Raw Nature and Clinical Actives which can be felt as soon as your fingers touch the skin.

  • Made Clean in California

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  • Derm-Tested & Hypoallergenic