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Odacité Kind of Girl: Devin Brugman, Model, Blogger and Entrepreneur

This month’s Odacité Kind of Girl, Devin Brugman is the co-founder of A Bikini A Day and Monday Swimwear, a blogger and a designer who strives to inspire others to express and embrace their individualism through her creative guidance, fiery passion & artistic capabilities.

What started as a lifestyle blog turned into a business that elevates swimwear style, introducing a new essence of beach beauty to millions of women, in all shapes and sizes to feel confident in their skin.

Read on to learn more about how she balances being a model, blogger and entrepreneur. Plus she shares her negotiable skincare rituals for a sun-kissed glow!

Q: What inspired you to create A Bikini A Day and later, Monday Swimwear?

My business partner and best friend Natasha Oakley and I started A Bikini A Day when we realized our obsession with swimwear could be something much greater. We both love everything that the bikini lifestyle encompasses. We love the beach, the ocean, the lifestyle and traveling so we created A Bikini A Day to surround ourselves with those things. Throughout the process of wearing literally thousands of bikinis on A Bikini A Day we realized that there was something missing in the industry, and that was sexy, stylish, chic and comfortable swim that actually FITS! We decided to create our own line, Monday Swimwear. The overwhelmingly positive response to our brand inspired us to push harder and dive deep into designing and creating something that all women can wear.

Q: How do you balance being a model, blogger and an entrepreneur?

Believe it or not it’s fairly easy to balance because all of those titles for me fall under the same roof. Sometimes it can be difficult when I need to put my head down and work in the office and the pressure of having to constantly be “on” can get to me. I am lucky to have such an incredible job with so many different aspects and never take it for granted. It’s hard work but totally worth it.

Q: Let’s talk skin… we are dying to know what your approach to skincare is?

I truly believe good skin begins from the inside. Drinking enough water, eating clean and getting enough sleep makes a HUGE difference in my skin. I am a skincare fanatic so I also believe in a proper routine and doing it consistently.

Q: What are your everyday skincare rituals that are non-negotiable?

I have so many! Haha. Serum, eye cream and a nice moisturizer are definitely things I can’t live without.

Q: Can you share your favorite Odacité products (and why).

I am obsessed with the Crystal Contour Gua Sha stones. I use my Blue Sodalite almost every night after I apply my serum. I love the way they contour my cheekbones and depuff my face! I am also in love with the All-Embracing Serum. I use it to prep my skin for my Gua Sha routine, it is perfect for hydrating and making my skin glow! Shop Devin's Odacité Set here


My alarm is set for…

8 a.m.

I cannot start my day without…


My fridge is always stocked with…

Almond milk and berries!

My favorite workout is…

Hot Pilates

My latest wellness obsession is…

The Keto Diet

The last book I read was…

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

My favorite way to relax is…

Long beach days

To get my creative juices flowing I…

I surround myself with other creatives. Energy inspires me.

My definition of beauty is…


My current mantra…

Treat people with kindness and respect, stay positive and believe in yourself.



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