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Odacite Kind of Girl: Arielle Mandelberg, Plant-Based Foodie, Blogger & Sweat Enthusiast

Meet Arielle. She is a plant-based blogger and photographer in San Francisco with a remarkably delicious Instagram feed.

Arielle’s mouth-watering photos of superfood bowls, vegan desserts and cold-pressed juices are what caught our attention. We are incredibly inspired when we encounter someone who makes health a top priority and showcases their journey in a fun, vibrant creative way.



We had the lovely opportunity to chat with Arielle and ask her about her plant-based food journey, find out what makes a food photo Instagram-worthy and learn a tip for anyone interested adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Tell Odacité beauty lovers a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to adapt a plant-based lifestyle.

Hi! My name is Arielle and I'm an actress in the SF bay area and a health food blogger/photographer for a juice company in the city. I also have a personal Instagram where I share healthy food + lifestyle photos along with snaps of my travels.

I started learning more about how important incorporating plant-based foods into our diet was in college. I went through the initial weight gain and brain fog associated to college dining halls and no rules of what I could or couldn't eat! Not feeling my best and not being able to concentrate led me to checking books on nutrition from the library.

Everything spiraled from there. Nowadays, my diet is much more balanced and almost completely plant-based!



Your Instagram feed makes us hungry just by scrolling through it. Could you give us the inside scoop on what makes a food/drink insta-worthy?

The number one thing: good lighting!! Bad lighting is unflattering no matter how beautiful the presentation. Beyond that - whatever jumps out as "this is something worth sharing" - say great ingredients, clean lines, funky colors, creative presentation. Play around with aesthetic and follow people whose style you like.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn't all about food, it is a balance of different things. Based on your own experience, what tips could you give to someone who is just starting out on their plant-based journey?

Give yourself a break and don't try to be "perfect." There are so many influencers spouting "This is the best diet! This is the only way to eat!" The fact is, that's just not true. Learn to listen to your body. If you really like something, don't forbid yourself from eating it! But, definitely, eat more plants!


What recipe/food are you really into right now and why?  

I'm really loving unsweetened, organic cashew yogurt from Forager. I have it in the morning with chia pudding + cinnamon, maybe some fruit. It's so tasty and doesn't leave you feeling heaving like some dairy yogurts. I'm sort of obsessed!


Last but not least, could you tell our readers what your all-time favorite Odacité product is and how you use it in your skincare regime.

I LOVE the Peach Cypress Serum. LOVE love. I mix it into my moisturizer in the morning and the evening and it leaves the most beautiful, dewy glow. I tend to have combination skin and this balancing everything out like a miracle. It has such a lovely smell, too!



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