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Meet Katie. You may recognize her from her blog and social media as The Green Product Junkie. She is a New York native with an obsession of all things organic and non-toxic.


What inspired us the most about Katie was her passion for green living and her thorough honest green beauty product reviews on her blog, The Green Product Junkie. We are such a fan and love when we get to chat with a blogger that is just as passionate about growing the world of green beauty and an eco-conscious lifestyle as we are.

We had the lovely opportunity to interview Katie and ask her about her what inspired her to start her blog and what her ultimate beauty tip is! 

Tell Odacité beauty lovers a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a green beauty blogger?

I’ve always been a huge fan of skin care and makeup. I would be the woman you’d see at Sephora with the basket filled to the top. One day I remember reading about the toxins in lipstick and in deodorant and I was repulsed. From that day on, I was searching out natural products in all areas of beauty. I became so obsessed with green beauty, but had no one else who shared the same passion for it and that’s when I figured I’d start blogging…in the hopes of meeting some like-minded people and, uh, it sure did work!

How did going green impact your life? What was the most challenging about making the switch?

Going green has completely changed everything. My skin is great now and I rarely, rarely ever get a breakout. I am now super-sensitive to synthetic fragrance in anything and I take that as a good thing. There was nothing challenging about it, it’s been a wonderful journey for me. Researching the best green beauty products is so easy now, but wasn’t exactly exactly when I started out. I’ve loved every step of it as it just makes so much sense to me. If you’re watching what you’re eating, you should watch what you put on your skin.

What is the mission of your blog and what message do you want to send to your followers?

Hmm…I guess it’s that organic/natural skincare and makeup, as well as eco-friendly lifestyle products are great for you and for the planet. I’d like them to embrace the idea of using less plastic and creating more waste. I’m a firm believer in bringing your own coffee cup, using a reusable straw, bringing your own bags, etc.

If there was one beauty tip you could give what would it be?

Don’t wash your face in the morning, only at night. It doesn’t need so much over-washing. Just wake up, apply your serum/moisturizer/spf and be on your way.

When you are not blogging or researching, what could we find you doing?

Probably laughing. I love to laugh and surround myself with funny people. I also do voiceover work for tv and movies, so I’m probably yapping away somewhere.

Last but not least, could you tell our readers what your all-time favorite Odacité product is and how you use it in your skincare regime.

Oh, gosh, just one? Okay, well, there’s a few, but if we’re sticking to one, I would definitely say the Beautiful Day Moisturizer. It’s so light, fresh and I’m pretty addicted. I put this on over my serums or when I don’t have time for an oil to dry on my face. It’s the perfect formulation, too.



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