Elegance Package

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Odacité's powerful beauty packages offer remarkable results in minimal time.

ELEGANCE is our most complete beauty package for the transformative rejuvenating experience of our Freshly Made organic skincare.

This collection of eight ultra-pure, age-defying blends work in synergy with each other.

Each product has an essential job:

GENTLE REJUVENATING CLEANSER: Cleanses and detoxifies, encouraging a fresh complexion.

ALOE + IMMORTELLE HYDRA-REPAIR TREATMENT MIST: Refreshes, hydrates and balances skin.

BEAUTIFUL DAY MOISTURIZER: Protects & hydrates throughout the day.

NIGHT TIME ANTIOXIDANTS REPAIR SERUM: Stimulates, tightens & lifts the look of skin while you sleep.

JOJOBA BEADS EXFOLIANT: Gently exfoliates to remove dead skin and unveil a vibrant glow.

DEEP HYDRATION MASQUE: Infuses the skin with powerful moisture, antioxidants and vitamins.

PERFECT NUTRIENTS BODY LOTION: Gives your body intense nourishment for healthy-looking skin head to toe.

ULTRA EFFECTIVE EYE CREAM: Improves the look of the delicate eye contour.

Includes 4 facial sponges.

Skin Type: Fabulous for Mature, Sensitive, Dry, Normal, Combination


$ 397.00
$ 397.00

See individual products.

See individual products.

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