Oh So Very French Bundle

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Achieve an effortless French glow with this curated trio of products that each have their own French beauty-inspired touch.

Resurface with Bioactive Rose Gommage Baby Soft Peel: An updated take on the classic French spa resurfacing treatment, this gommage is powered by Pineapple and Papaya Enzymes, working like little “Pac-Men” to diligently “eat up” dead skin revealing a fresh and bright complexion.

Target with CaR Vital Glow Serum ConcentrateIf you like bare, no-makeup skin, this Wild Carrot serum is pure magic. Each drop of this nutrient-rich oil helps to establish such a vital glow, that makeup truly becomes optional.

Revitalize with Crème de la Nuit Ultra-Pure Night Elixir: Formulated to deliver an instant gratification effect and visible results overnight, Crème de la Nuit combines the expertise of clinical skin science with high-performance botanicals.


 See individual products. 

See individual products. 

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