Why You Should Be Using Face Oils

(If You Aren't Already)


Used for centuries throughout the world to treat skin, facial oils are just starting to hit the US skincare market with a huge success, and rightfully so. Using oil on your face may sound crazy, and even more so for those of us who already have oily skin, yet when properly selected facial oils are instant skin gratification.



What They Are:

“Face oils are silky formulas made entirely from natural oils. They can be a blend of a few different plant-based oils, or a single-origin product such as argan or avocado oil”, said perfectly by Birchbox.

Most oils are extracted from seeds. Seeds are the essence of life, charged precious oils that are loaded with potent nutrients, that have the power to create a full plant. When seeds are properly cold pressed without any heat or solvent, they yield extraordinary oils concentrated with potent nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, balancing omega 3-6-9 and vital minerals.


Facial Oils History:

Humans learned very early on about the benefits of plant oils and developed powerful concoctions to treat and protect their skin. Wild carrot seed oil was the beauty elixir of French queens, Cleopatra used moringa oil to sustain her skin’s youth. In Japan Geisha’s relied on Camelia oil extracted from the antioxidant-rich green tea seeds to maintain their skin luminescence. Natives of the amazonian forest refer to Buriti as the “tree of life”. That;s what buriti oil does to your skin - bring it back to life.


Picking The Right Facial Oil:

In the amazing world of oils, not all are created equal. Start by making sure they are cold pressed without any heat or solvent. Make sure they are fresh as they will go rancid with time.

Once quality in checked, know that each oil has a very specific composition that will make it more suited for a specific skin concern. At Odacité we made it easy for you to find the right on, by creating a table that allows you to choose your facial oil according to you skin concern.


Why They Are So Effective:

Skin pollution – air, water, stress, fatigue, cell phone radiation, UV and makeup - is the main source of damage to the skin. These factors create millions of toxins and free-radicals that accumulate on the skin, suffocating your complexion, causing breakouts and expediting the aging process.

Facial oils are the fastest way to fortify and strengthen our own natural skin barrier, restoring the skin first defense against skin pollution.

Properly extracted  facial oil sink right into the skin with a delivery system that allows for all the antioxidants, vitamins, and omega fatty acids to be work right at the heart of the skin issue. Oils have the capacity to deliver their active deeper into the skin, delivering results you will most likely notice after the first application.



Who They Are For:

Facial oils work amazing on ALL skin types, it’s just a matter of selecting the oil that is right for you. And no, when properly extracted, oil won't clog your pores or make you go even oilier.

While using facial oil for dry or mature skin makes so much sense, if you have oily/combination skin it may feel counter-intuitive! Well when properly selected oils are also your savior when you suffer from oily skin and breakouts. They work amazingly fast for two reasons.

First: most people try to fight oily/congested skin using harsh, stripping products that remove all oils from the skin. This causes your oil glands to produce more oil to compensate, which worsens the condition. “I have clients that have tried everything and can't believe how fast applying the right oil solves the issue” says Valérie founder of Odacité.

Second: Many oils contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties, that treat side effect of oily skin like congestion and breakouts. Plus oils - unlike some drying spot-fighters- are packed with vitamins,  antioxidants and vitamin E to heal and hydrate,


Oils To Avoid:

Unfortunately some skincare company will use mineral and synthetic oil. When applied to the skin these mineral and synthetic version will clog pores and suffocate your complexion, creating havoc in your skin.


How To Use Them:

There are no wrong way to use facial oil. You can mix them with your favorite moisturizer like our Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Creme, which is an active formula that adds a time-release dimension to your targeted oil, so it can infuse your skin throughout the day/night.  Use alone for a more intensive or spot treatment.  Apply in place of your serum or right after your moisturizer creme to seal in hydration. Apply as a primer to create a perfect canvas on which to apply make up. Add a drop in your foundation to give it a treatment effect.

Oh and the best part! Once you switch to a simple skincare ritual that includes the right blend for your unique skin, you can stop spending money on additional serums and moisturizer creams that could be the hidden cause of the imbalance in your skin in the first place.



There is a reason why Facial Oils are the “it” beauty product of the moment, they work hard and fast at restoring all skin conditions. Ready to try, get some free samples HERE.


  • Posted On July 25, 2016 by Ann Fish

    Thank you for continuing to educate your customers on how to take care of there skin. I spend half the year in the mountains and your facial oils have saved my face! It is so dry here but I can always count on your facial oils to give my face that dewy look no mater how dry the climate is.

  • Posted On July 25, 2016 by Jeannie Butler

    I have been reading about your oil and I would like to try some samples. i think you have one for brown spots which I have been trying to get rid of since I went to the beach. I am using Vit. C which helps a lot. But reading your emails it sounds very interesting and i would like to try.

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