Self-Love #Goals

When was the last time you felt free and light? Present, connected, and soulfully nourished? Completely dedicated to doing the things that you love to do — just for the sheer joy of it? Dare I say, in love with yourself and in love with your life? If there's a twinge of cynicism cropping up with each of those questions, you are not alone. Energy can get stagnant, “new year, new you” mantras can feel disheartening and we slip on our spiritual hygiene.

The insular nature of winter provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in the glamour of self-care. Bubble baths, yoga class, or a cocktail with friends, to each her own. Let’s be clear, there is no right or better way to practice self-care; self-care is a highly personal activity that raises your vibration on a physical, emotional, and mental level. What matters is that you are putting yourself first, allocating time, judgment-free, and thinking about restorative vs performative acts of love to yourself.

What rituals will leave you feeling grounded, alive, and calm?


Energetically cleanse your space by lighting up some sage. Burning sage, or “smudging”, is said to diffuse energy, clear airborne bacteria, and release negative ions. When sage is burned, it can restore balance and banish unwanted spirits. Before firing up, use high-quality sage and open a window or door for the unwanted energy to be released to. Say goodbye to the energy that is no longer serving you and ask it to leave.


The old adage “shake it off” still remains true. The balancing act of the mind-body connection means that to feel well physically, we have to feel well emotionally. When going through challenging emotions, get up and get moving. A workout or long walk can be a powerful rejuvenator. At Odacité, we love a high-vibe hike in the canyons to get fresh air but yoga is also a go-to activity. Depending on your stress levels, high-intensity training can spike cortisol. Keep it stress-free with low-impact training like pilates, swimming, walking.


Easy self-care every day is eating well. What you consume can serve as a daily reminder to ask yourself if you’re getting enough nourishment and nutrients. Diet has an immense impact on our complexion and hormones. For a kick-start, incorporate dark leafy greens, high-fiber fruits and vegetables, and cut out sugar.


Available to all, and in the comfort of your living room, meditation is a simple practice that reaps the most benefits with consistent use. Just 10 minutes of meditation each day can alleviate stress, increase clarity, and restore happiness. For your skin, meditation can reduce the effects of inflammatory genes, resulting in less inflamed and smoother skin that decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Meditation has many practices; mindfulness, transcendental, but essentially it is a way of training the mind, stopping “monkey brain” and arriving at the present moment in a clear and balanced way.


Personal rituals will make you feel more at home, wherever you might be. When possible, unwind with an Epsom salt bath to wash away stress and set yourself up for a great night of sleep. All salt-based products have grounding and cleansing properties to them which clarify energy, and calms the body. Add matcha for regeneration, flowers to evoke self-love, lavender oil for peace, candles for luxury, and crystals to protect your aura. Follow with your self-love skincare routine custom specifically to you.


Pull out a journal and surround yourself with crystals for some growth work. Just five minutes of gratitude journaling can drastically change your perception—for good. If you have more time, journal your way to forgiveness, challenge yourself to ask what self-love means to you, and strategize or mood board your future. Raise your vibration with positive self-talk. Get to the root of your desires. Determine how you want to feel.

There are 168 hours in each week. Can you squeeze 30 minutes for yourself each day? Schedule self-care in your calendar just as you would a workout after work. Be protective of your love and your time. Before you do something ask yourself, “Does this feel good?” or “Is this serving me?” — self-care starts with you. Put yourself first.



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