Post-Workout Beauty Routine for Healthy Skin

Did you know healthy refreshed post-workout skin starts before you even get off the treadmill? We are going to give you the run-down on how to naturally glow apres sweat sesh. The best part-- this routine can be done in less than 5 minutes!


Keep scrolling if you are ready to learn the 3 simple steps for great skin before and after a workout.



1. Start with clean skin: Many people believe sweating profusely causes breakouts. What they don’t know is that the most common underlying issue causing their breakouts is not from sweating, but from the makeup that comes off with it. If you are working out first thing in the morning, save cleansing your face for after your workout. But if you are wearing makeup before your workout, use a gentle milky cleanser that removes makeup.

Tip: Avoid touching your face. Sweating can be a great way to detoxify your skin but anything from wearing makeup to touching your face during your workout can spread bacteria-- counteracting your skin detoxification.

2. Hydrate inside & out: Just as you hydrate your body before and after it works up a sweat, you want to do the same for your skin. When you workout, your skin loses water due to evaporation, leaving it dehydrated. So don’t skip out on moisturizing your skin pre & post-workout. Try an oil-free hydrating facial mist that will infuse your skin with breakout-controlling actives before & during your workout.

Tip: Put your facial mist in the fridge for a refreshing skin treat. This precious jolt of a chill will awaken your skin, tighten pores and refresh!

3. Reduce the redness: Your skin will inevitably be flushed and red due to the heat from exercise. After you sweat, cleanse and hydrate, apply a Serum Concentrate that with soothe skin and take the pressure off the skin’s capillary walls.  

Tip: If you experience a lot of redness in your skin after your workout and have to make a public appearance, apply an illuminating primer (not to be confused with foundation) that moisturizes and gives a glowing finish.



Hyaluronic Acid 
Can hold up to 1,000x its water weight
Instantly plumps fine lines & wrinkles
Replenishes moisture
Combats sagging skin