Odacité Holiday Glow Tips

It’s the morning after a long, late night out on the town. You quickly re-live it all through your phone’s photo gallery while you’re still lying in bed. But wait, mother nature is calling. You struggle out of bed to the bathroom, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and “oh god” comes to mind. We’ve all been there before -- the dull, dehydrated complexion with some undereye bags that look heavier than the time you packed too much into your vacation suitcase and got fined $50. But not to worry, there’s still about 5 more hours to go until your next festive event. Bring back the cheer to your complexion with these tips and skin solutions.

How To:

  1. Drink a full glass of water. Your body will thank you.
  2. Splash some water onto your face to wake you up and do away with some of the dirt & unwanted particles left over from last night.
  3. Cleanse with the Green Ceremony Cleanser to remove all impurities from pores while Matcha and Spirulina awaken your complexion and wash away skin fatigue
  4. Spritz your face with your favorite Hydrating Mist to energize the skin with tiny drops of love that sink into the skin to restore moisture.
  5. Create the energizer cocktail and to lock in the hydrating molecules of the mist with: 1 drop Pf+O Dull Skin, 1 drop CaR Vital Glow, 1 drop Gt+L Radiance Effect.
  6. **If you don’t have all of the ingredients for the energizer cocktail in your beauty cabinet, mix drops of any of the mentioned serums into your favorite moisturizer as a good, but less potent alternative.
  7. Last but not least, use a travel friendly Synergie[4] Satchet for a detoxifying weekly treatment that will not only purify your pores, but also exfoliate your skin and unveil unbelievable radiance; brighten and even out skin tone; and firm for youthful tautness. 


Pf+O Dull Skin Serum Concentrate targets all tired + dull skin concerns. The high Vitamin A & C contents are derived from a luxurious mix of orange oil and passion fruit oil. CaR Vital Glow Serum Concentrate works vigorously with a synergy of wild carrot seed oil and an array of vitamins to recapture that vital glow you get after a good night’s rest and proper hydration. Meanwhile, Gt+L Radiance Effect Serum Concentrate contains camellia seed oil, the ancestral beauty secret behind the Japanese geishas’ radiant skin to bring back your skin’s luminescence.


Bonus ​Tip: Carry Gt+L with you throughout the day for a quick, midday pick me up. Here’s how: Add 2 drops of Gt+L in the palm of your hand, rub your palms. Take a deep inhale and let the lemongrass help relieve stress. Follow by pressing into you skin. It’s totally safe to put on top of your make up for instant skin revitalization!

Voila! Your skin is now recharged and on its way to making a full recovery from your lovely night out. Now just make sure to get some good food, put on a cute outfit and get on with the holiday cheer ☺

(P.S. repeat for tomorrow morning)



Powerhouse antioxidant
Fights free radicals 
Helps counter the aging effects
of overexposure to the sun