Natural Sunburn Remedies

Sunburns are a common occurrence when we’re out having fun during these sunny summer month - whether we forgot to apply sunblock or stay out in the sun too long, everyone has experienced the pain of a sunburn (at any degree!). Luckily, there are several natural remedies that can help calm the redness and inflammation! Continue reading to find out how to soothe sunburned skin, naturally.


Green Tea: Internally and externally, Green Tea works wonders for your skin. Booming with antioxidants, Green Tea helps delay signs of aging such as sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. You can find this sunburn skin hero in our Mint + Green Tea Treatment Mist & Gt+L Radiance Serum Concentrate.


Aloe Vera: You may have heard of this potent natural plant for healing and soothing your red sunburned skin, but do you know how it works? Aloe Vera contains more than 200 biologically active agents making it one of the world’s most sought out natural resources. Aloe Vera’s healing properties immediately hydrate and rejuvenate burned skin - and for soothing Aloe Vera with a cooling sensation, we recommend making Aloe Vera ice cubes. If you are in a rush or Aloe Vera isn’t on hand, you can find it in our entire Fresh Collection and any of our Hydra-Treatment Mists


Tamanu oil: Tamanu oil is one of the best-hidden secrets of the natural world. This oil does it all! It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, boosts cell regeneration, softens wrinkles and fights acne! We feature both Aloe Vera and this wonderful oil in our Rejuvenating Cleanser. Our Tamanu oil, sourced from the rainforest of Madagascar, aids in the elimination of waste material and toxins from the capillaries. With daily use of this cleanser, you will find your sun damaged skin healed and well nourished.


Cucumbers: If you didn’t know, cucumbers are 95% water, making it perfect to hydrate and soothe your inflamed skin. This staple fruit can be used topically to help soothe the inflammation, irritation and redness. Try it! Pulverize them into a paste and apply to burned areas. 

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