Sure, you’re (seemingly) doing yourself a favor by applying lotions and potions on your skin, but someone else is affected by your skincare routine—Mother Earth!

Remember: everything you use goes down the drain. Skincare (and makeup) products with toxic chemicals make their way into the outside world, particularly our beautiful seas. These chemicals can cause physical harm to living creatures and contribute to environmental devastation.

So what ingredients should you keep a critical eye out for? Here are three of the top offenders.

1. Microbeads - Microbeads, found in exfoliators, are typically made with a chemical called polyethylene. To put it simply, it’s plastic—and there’s a lot of it in a single bottle. Microbeads are so harmful that they’re banned in the U.S. and Canada, but you can still get them off of popular online stores like Amazon.

What to use instead: Try our Jojoba Beads Exfoliant, which contains perfectly spherical—you guessed it—jojoba beads, which are all natural and totally safe (plus, amazing at sloughing off dead skin cells). For an all-over body exfoliator, use Invigorating Jasmine-Mimosa Body Scrub, which is made with walnut shell powder.

2. Parabens - Beauty companies love using parabens (chemical preservatives) to help prevent the growth of bacteria in their formulations. However, parabens not only cause irritation and allergic reactions on human skin, but also destruct wildlife. Scientists have found that parabens can destroy coral and act as hormone disruptors for sea creatures. The chemical has even been found in the tissues of animals!

3. Triclosan -Triclosan is an antimicrobial chemical used often in personal care products to stave off bacteria. Like parabens, triclosan has been suspected to be an endocrine disruptor in wildlife that can even reduce mortality among animals living in water.

Got pollutants in your skin care? Try Odacité

Formulated only with natural and organic botanicals and cosmeceuticals, Odacité products contain zero parabens, preservatives, triclosan or other pollutants.

Fresh Collection:

To maintain freshness, each bottle is whipped up fresh every week and refrigerated until it’s shipped. Our Fresh Collection is stored in airless bottles so your products are never exposed to bacteria from your hands nor oxygen, which rapidly weakens the potency of actives.

Pure Elements and Private Collections:

Oils also have the ability to become rancid. All our oils are freshly cold pressed for us, never using added heat or solvents, so they’re completely pure. As soon as the oils are pressed, they are immediately stored in violet glass bottles for maximum preservation and protection. These bottles keep UV light away from the product except for one special wave of light that keeps the product alive.



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