Is your skin dehydrated?

Every blemish, fine line, or other imperfection is your skin's way of "talking" to you. One of the most common triggers to these concerns is not drinking enough water. 

Water is the basis of all health and wellness and is the key ingredient to maintaining healthy flawless looking skin, even through the hottest seasons. When you are properly hydrated, a lively youthful complexion shines through. 

See below for the most common skin concerns and their hydrating solutions! 


Problem: My complexion is dull and showing signs of aging. 

Solution: Phytoceramides are your answer! Dehydration causes depletion of cells and without water, their re-growth rate slows. Phytoceramide is a natural ingredient that protects the water in your cells. It is known to replenish cell barriers so that they retain water - enhancing your natural glow.


Problem: My digestion is off and I’m having breakouts.

Solution: Sometimes drinking the recommended 8 cups of water a day is not enough for your body, which is why we suggest to also eat your water. Eating water dense foods is an easy way of hydrating your body and giving your cells what they need to continue to retain elasticity and growth. Our favorite summertime water rich foods are watermelons with 92% water, oranges with 80 to 90% water, and cucumber with water content of 96.7%


Problem: I have chronic brain fog and problematic skin.

Solution: Try ozonated water! Ozonated water is different from filtered water because it contains more oxygen per sip. There are some ozonated waters out there that contain added healthy minerals and vitamins for an additional boost for your skin and body.



Powerhouse antioxidant
Fights free radicals 
Helps counter the aging effects
of overexposure to the sun