How To Recharge After The Supermoon

The moon. Our light, our feminine purpose, our darling enchantress. The moon has been deemed sacred by healers, mystics, and cultures old and new. A divine force, the moon helps us reflect, heal, manifest, and let go of what no longer serves us. It’s magical.

But what happens once the supermoon has left us? Our crystals are charged, spells cast, and the ceremony is over, now what?

Stay on Track With Your Inner Truth

Soulful intentions that invoke lasting change aren’t just whispered and forgotten. You’ll need to create a healthy relationship with your goals. If they scared you, chances are you’ll be left debating if they were “too bold” “too big” or “too whatever.” Don’t criticize what you want. Listen to your inner truth and unabashedly align with what you want.

Write a Love Letter to the Universe

Write out what you want. Tell the universe precisely what you wish for. A new job with a 401k match of 5% and 15 days of PTO with a 9-6 work/life balance? A boyfriend who looks at you like Bradley Cooper looks at Lady Gaga? 10,000 in your “rainy day” savings account and debt-free? Yes. Write it all out. No detail is too small, no ask too demanding. If it feels good, you’re on the right path and the universe will help you on your course. But you need to announce your intentions first. Seal this letter with a kiss and place on an altar with fresh flowers and a candle.

Embrace Those Crystals

If you’ve charged your crystals in the moonlight, they are ready to serve you. Visualize your intention and then blow, exceptionally hard, on each crystal to infuse your intention into the “clean slate” of the crystal. Carry this in your pocket or keep on your desk as a reminder of your intended outcome that is waiting to reveal itself. To supercharge your beauty routine, bring crystals by way of Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum for good luck and prosperity.

Journal, Line after Line

Sometimes it takes some convincing of ourselves to get what we really deserve. A hypnotic trick is to write out your intention 10-20 times every single day to get to the root of our thinking and change our subconscious actions. Write your intentions as if they are already happening and focus on how you want to feel.

Vision Board

For visual learners, a mood board is a powerful manifestation. Grab some magazines (or Pinterest) and go to town snipping images that resonate with your core desired feelings. Just like your intentions, be crystal clear in what you are calling to the universe. A partner who loves dogs, adventure, and respects you? A full ride scholarship to the school of your dreams? A 10-day yoga surf trip to Bali? Get it on there. Meditate on these details. Manifest. Look at this board for five minutes every day.


Positive emotions indicate that we are in sync with our life force. Negative emotions are indicators that we are out of sync. We will all have off-days, but if “shadow self” emotions begin to crop up (jealousy, anger, pettiness, doubt) now is the time to deal with it. The moon illuminates any negative emotions and helps to clear those blockages. Use Gua Sha as a metaphor to clear stagnant feelings.

Feel it, don’t bury any unsavory emotions, and then let it go. What is the desired feeling? If you are feeling fear, have faith that you can be brave. If you’re feeling jealous, flip the narrative to feeling grateful. Get vulnerable. Sit with it. If someone has wronged you, write a letter and burn it. Forgive and acknowledge the lesson learned. Then let the negativity go with a smudging ritual and say goodbye.


We are living, breathing, humans with complex emotions. Don’t be afraid to recalibrate on your feelings. Setting intentions is not as black and white as “lose 10 pounds” and these aren’t resolutions. But rather, this is a time to align with what you really want. Revel in the change, and get excited about the future. Inspire yourself. Trust in the process.

Get glowing.



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