How To Naturally Get That Beach Glow

It is the season to put our makeup aside and embrace our natural beauty. During the summer, wearing layers of makeup is the last thing any of us want to do. Natural dewy skin is our favorite summer look and is one of the best beauty secrets to looking young and vibrant.

Our tips below will help you master the “no makeup” dewy look all summer long.


Keep hydrated: This tip might make us sound like a broken record, but water is essential to beautiful, glowing skin. The more moisturized and hydrated the skin is, the more healthy and glowy it is! Try infusing your water with fresh fruits to add extra hydration per sip.  


Exfoliate: If you are short on time, exfoliating is an easy way to get that instant glow! Exfoliating wipes away all of the dead skin cells to let your fresh, soft skin shine. It also helps your serums and moisturizers absorb better into the skin. Exfoliate 2-3x per week to keep your pores healthy and clear, allowing for a luminous glow. 


Indulge yourself...weekly:  Pampering your skin 2-3xs a week with a clay masque can work wonders. Our Synergie Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque is the perfect clay masque base, designed to be customized accordingly to our current skin concerns. To brighten skin and add a natural glow, add a few drops of lemon and water to Synergie Masque powder. 


Serum as Highlighters: Instead of using your typical highlighter of choice, try using one of your favorite Serum Concentrates as a natural alternative. It is a multifunctional way to add hydration and embed nutrients while illuminating our skin. This tip is perfect for minimal makeup girls. We add a dime size amount of serum (this is a lot of serum when we recommend 2-3 drops normally) onto our hand, and dab the serum on the highest points of our face (usually around the cheek bones near the under eye and on our temples) using our pinky finger.


Facial Massage: Facial massages stimulate oxygen production in the face, creating more blood flow and increasing collagen production. The facial massaging technique gives a healthy and natural glow to our complexion and is a natural form of anti-aging skin care. It's a perfect way to wind down your day and relax! Click here for a DIY facial message guide.



Powerhouse antioxidant
Fights free radicals 
Helps counter the aging effects
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