You Have Been Washing Your Face The Wrong Way!

Cleansing your skin the right way, is one of the most important steps of your skincare regimen. Cleansing is so crucial to healthy skin and unfortunately, it is the step that is often skipped or even more so, done incorrectly.


This can't be stated enough, nothing foaming should ever touch the delicate skin of your face. Those foaming cleanser products will dramatically alter skin’s PH of your skin, destroy the acid mantle (first defense of your skin) and create havoc in your skin cells.

The beauty industry leads us to believe that the best cleansers leave a “squeaky-clean” sensation, it sounds good but in fact it will exacerbate your sebum (oil) glands and encourage more oil production to compensate for the loss. And if you have dry or mature skin, will make your skin so tight you are accelerating the aging process.

So pick a non foaming cleanser and if you don't have one try cleansing with an oil like pure coconut oil.


With clean hands, massage the cleanser into the face and neck using soft circular upward strokes. Add lukewarm/cold water to help work the cleanser into the skin and release impurities. Turn this cleansing moment into a little relaxation for your face, by insisting in the zone that carry a lot of tension (between your brows, around your eyes and mouth)

If you wear a lot of makeup consider double cleansing (like you do your hair).

I like to remove the cleanser using facial sponges method.  This simple method will not only enhance cleansing, it will encourage lymph circulation, help reduce puffiness and give your skin a healthy glow. Here is how it goes: Take a facial sponge moistened with tepid water in each hand. Start at the center of your brow and rinse gently but thoroughly swiping toward the outside of your face, down to your ears and down the sides of the face and neck.


While cleansing at night is obvious to remove all make up and surface impurities, cleansing in the morning is also key to fresh healthy skin.

At night your entire body goes into repair mode and expels toxins through the pores, so when you wake up in the morning your skin carries those eliminated toxins on the surface. You for sure do not want to apply skincare products on that!

If you are in a rush, simply rinse your face in the shower.

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