French Girls Guide to Chic Travel Style

French fashion and style is sought all over the world. Chic. Elegant. Romantic. Playful. Classic. Frenchies have the perfectly effortless chic look and trust us, there is no magic formula to achieve it. We do, however, have some tips to share with you so that the next time you travel you are doing so with an inspired French wardrobe!

Less is More

This might be the hardest yet most popular Frenchie style tip to achieve. Wear pieces that are basic yet look good, in fact, look really good. The key here is to be effortless (on purpose!).

T-shirts. French ladies never have enough t-shirts, so make sure to pack more than a few; but not just in any color- stick to neutrals or simple stripe pattern.


Reformation Plush Fitted Crew Tee

Borrow Your Boyfriend’s Flannel

Comfy chic vibes are essential, and what better way to get them (inexpensively) by going through your man’s wardrobe. Oversized sweaters and flannels are perfect pieces for a relaxed style.

Simple Classics

Nothing makes a French girl fashion statement like a pair of straight cut high waist trousers with a flared leg cut finish. Find the perfect pair of pants that are timeless, straight to the point, and will elongate your legs.

Rouje Paris Juliette trousers 

French Footwear

You want to select shoes that are practical yet chic and of course come in the color black. Flats are a Frenchies go-to.

 Conde Nast Traveler

Have any French girl inspired fashion tips? Share in the comments below.


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