Free The Freckles

Faux freckles are the buzziest beauty trend of the season. Curious to know our thoughts on them? We absolutely ADORE freckles! From celebrities posting no-makeup selfies to the beauty community celebrating this youthful, summery look, it feels so refreshing to embrace our natural beauty and let our unique skin shine.

If you’re up for showing off your bare skin before summer ends, your natural speckles are a perfect accessory to flaunt. They will never go out of style and they’re what makes YOU super cute & unique. Plus, a little sprinkle brings a delicate touch of youthfulness and flirtiness to your visage.

For all you freckle-faced beauties, here are some tips to enhance your sun-kissed flecks and keep them looking fresh and effortless!


Freckles appear when there’s an uneven distribution of melanin in your skin. If you’re prone to freckles, you’re more likely to notice darker pigmentation as you spend more time in the sun. This happens when the UV rays hit your skin’s outer layer, causing melanocytes (the pigment-producing cells) to produce more melanin, which darkens the freckles on your face.

Interestingly, freckles are also linked to genetics. If you have freckles, there’s a high chance that you inherit them from your parents. Those with light skin and naturally red hair tend to have more freckles than those with darker skin tones.

A combination of both sun exposure and genetics determine how pigmented and crowded your freckles appear on the skin. It’s also an indicator of how much UV damage you’ve been subject to, which gives you a warning that you need to amp up your sun protection.


Your freckles need special care when it comes to sun exposure. When they start to accumulate and overwhelm your complexion, be extra vigilant and shield them against UV rays to keep those clusters cute & polished.

1. Keep Your Skin Cool

Direct sunlight is not the only cause of freckles. Overheating from hot yoga, saunas, and outdoor hikes can trigger the melanin activity and pigment cells, causing your freckles to appear darker. Be mindful to hot-weather activities and minimize the exposure to heat. Try our Hydra-Treatment Mists to refresh and cool down your visage on-the-go.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

Whether you’re freckle-free or are covered in them, exfoliation is an essential step to achieving soft and glowing skin. It helps diminish the look of unwanted discoloration, large pores, and prepares your skin to absorb skin care products better. Excess pigment is stored in dead skin cells, which is why it’s so important to slough off dead layers of skin that prevent your freckles from shining.

3. Protect Freckled Skin

Sun protection is a must to help prevent further discoloration and serious sun spots. The glorious sun’s UV rays can harm our skin and darken freckles and hyperpigmentation. Be sure to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher daily to protect against both UVA and UVB radiation. And don’t forget to reapply every 80 minutes! Need sunscreen recommendations? Visit the EWG (Environmental Working Group) website to view their Annual Guide To Sunscreens! We also recommend an SPF mineral powder that can be re-applied throughout the day, as SPF's only last about 2 hours after application.

4. Amp Up Antioxidants

Antioxidants are your skin-saviors to strengthen and support the health of your skin. To defend your freckles against free radicals, nutrients like Vitamin A, C & E provide anti-aging benefits and help minimize the appearance of sun damage. Try our 15% Vitamin C serum, An Autumn On The World,rich in age-defying actives to reveal more glowy, even-toned skin.



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