Become A Skin Detective: What Are Your Breakouts Telling You?

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Have you ever wondered why you keep getting breakouts on the same exact spot on your face even after daily cleaning and treatment? According to the ancient practice face mapping, what is happening on the surface of your skin can give you a very real insight into what is going on inside your body.


Face mapping is an ancient practice rooted in Ayurvedic teaching and Chinese medicine that links a spot on your face to an organ or body part so you know what to treat internally for clear external results. What this means is that everything from the type of breakout to where it is located on your face has its own meaning; you just have to learn how to interpret it.

Once you diagnose the possible internal cause of a flare-up or blemish, you can make the necessary changes to your diet or lifestyle to clear it up.

Keep scrolling to learn how to become a skin detective, see a breakdown of the different areas of the face, what your breakouts may be telling you, and how to heal them from the inside out.




Associated With : Digestive System and Liver

The forehead is connected to the nervous system and digestion. If you are breaking out in that area, it might indicate you are experiencing a level of stress, toxin buildup, or you are having a hard time breaking down certain foods. Skin issues or wrinkling in the t-zone area may indicated unexpressed anger or stored emotions in your spleen.

How To Heal : Try avoiding, sugary, fatty, and processed foods and instead up your vegetable, fruit, and water intake. These are what will keep your digestive system moving. De-stress by meditating and practicing yoga. Explore techniques to release old stagnant emotional energy like reiki, journaling and breath work. To detoxify your liver, start your mornings with dandelion tea or warm fresh lemon water. To detoxify your liver, start your mornings with dandelion tea or warm fresh lemon water.



Associated With : Joints, Thyroid, and Intestines

An excess of white coloring in the iris may reflect degeneration of the joints while small irises point to joint problems. A spotty iris can mean poor nutrient absorption in the intestine. A light ring around the iris indicates you may eating too much salt and sugar. A yellowish color in the eye can indicate a weak liver. 

How To Heal : Your joints need some serious love and anti-inflammatory foods such as oily fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, organic bone broth, turmeric and ginger. Reduce your sugar, salt, caffeine and processed food intake. All of those are known to increase inflammation.



Associated With : Kidneys

If you are experiencing swelling and puffy eyelids, this could indicate sluggish kidney function. Dark puffy bags can also indicate impaired kidney function.

How To Heal : Increase your water intake to help kindle the body’s digestive system. Be mindful of how well you are chewing your food. It is recommended to chew each morsel nearly 30 times before swallowing.



Associated With : Blood and Heart

Your nose is connected to your lungs and your heart so not surprisingly, breakouts here indicate blood pressure issues and internal flare ups.

How To Heal : Up the amounts of essential fatty acids (heart healthy foods) in your diet by eating avocado, flax seeds, and olive oi. Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, and spicy foods. You can also take vitamin B supplements to help combat the flare ups.



Associated With : Metabolism, Lungs

Patchiness or discoloration on the cheeks can indicate poor metabolism and low absorption of nutrients like folic acid and iron. Additionally your cheeks are connected to your lungs (think about how red they get when you exercise) so flare ups in these areas could indicate a lack of oxygen or low  lung capacity. 

How To Heal : Gently increase your cardio exercise to enhance lung function and also boost your metabolism. Consider breathing exercises and pay attention to the quality of your breathes. Another huge factor not related to your internal system is bacteria from your cell phone or pillowcases that could be causing acne on your cheeks. Make sure to regularly clean your phone, keep your hands away from your face, and wash your pillowcases weekly.



Associated With : Kidneys

If you are finding large painful pimples around your ears, it could indicate that your kidneys are not getting taken care of. Kidney troubles are often caused by lack of water intake and taking in too much salt and caffeine.

How To Heal : Drink plenty of water in a day and cut down on salt, caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. To do a kidney cleanse, drink diuretics such as parsley and water.


Associated With : Hormones, Small Intestine

If your sides of the chin often flare up, that typically means a hormonal balance is going on, often caused by menstruation. If you are breaking up in the center of your chin, it could be caused by poor diets or food allergies.

How To Heal : Keep stress minimized during that the month, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly. Consider eliminating bad foods from your diet and including plenty of fiber, as this will make your small intestine happy.


  • Posted On November 27, 2016 by Miriam
    I have experienced slow but steady results using two of your products I like the results so far and I definitely like the information about the face and how different areas Arevaffected by the way you live.
  • Posted On November 23, 2016 by Lidia Schwartsman

    Now, I know how to treat my face skin problems! Amazing product and website!!!!

  • Posted On November 07, 2016 by Ann Mohnsen

    I like the educational portions – feels like Odacite truly cares about our skin health and not just selling product!
    Thank you

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