ACE Your Summer

Vitamins A, C, and E are the perfect cocktail to fight aging and sun damage. These three vitamins are essential for your skin and are even more important during the summer months. ACE refine skin’s texture, treat fine lines, skin discoloration and repair skin at the cellular level.

The most effective way to receive the benefits of ACE is through your skincare and diet. As strong believers in the power of the potent trio, we made sure to make it the core of our products. Keep reading below to discover the Odacité's ACE Serums to use on your skin and the ACE nutrient rich foods you should eat everyday to maximize the benefits.

Vitamin A: This vitamin is essential due to its power to keep skin's elasticity, prevent dryness & wrinkles. In fact, lack of this vitamin causes the following effects to the skin: dryness, roughness, itchiness, and prone to acne. Carrot oil is the most potent source of Beta Carotene (natural Vitamin A) which is what makes CaR Serum Concentrate so special. Our Wild Carrot Oil is hand pressed in a small French village and enhanced with Vitamin E oil, creating the purest and most effective serum to smooth and firm your skin. Beta Carotene is known for reducing sun damage due to ultra violet rays. Foods that are high in vitamin A include mangos, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, and cilantro.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is currently the most sought out vitamin due to its power preventing wrinkles and sagging. In fact, Vitamin C is the key to retaining elasticity in your skin as it ages. It promotes collagen synthesis for firmer, tighter skin. In a study, Vitamin C cream was used on women with sun damaged skin and their fine lines and skin discoloration improved tremendously. Rosehip oil is the perfect source of vitamin C due to its non-irritating effect on the skin. It is the star ingredient in Ro+Y Serum Concentrate, reversing skin damage and slowing down the aging process.Research shows that a daily application of rosehip oil helps with wrinkle reduction and fades sun damaged areas of the skin. Vitamin C is also easily accessible during the summer seasons through citrus, papaya, cantaloupe, and berries.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is unique on its own due to its defense against ultraviolet rays, which cause inflammation and damaged skin cells, leading to skin cancer. The base oil in all of our Pure Element Serum Concentrates is Vitamin E. Odacité uses Tocopherol, a natural form of Vitamin E, as it has the most bio-potency in humans. Tocopherols defends cell membranes from free radicals to reverse signs of aging. It leaves the skin soft and supple while also reducing scars. Vitamin E is also found in almonds, salmon, sunflowers, and wheat germ.



Powerhouse antioxidant
Fights free radicals 
Helps counter the aging effects
of overexposure to the sun