5 Best Beauty Sleep Tips

Beautiful skin starts with a well rested night of sleep.

Here’s why:

Night treatment is the pillar of your anti-aging strategy as this is when your skin is most receptive to skincare benefits. While you sleep your skin follows your body’s natural repair mechanism to recover from daily damages. As a result of the hard repair and healing process, your skin gets rid of waste expelling them through the pores.

Research has shown that those who are sleep-deprived are more likely to have a pasty, puffy, and more wrinkled appearance.

There's no better (and more relaxing) way to get fresh, plump skin other than sleeping.

Today I am sharing with you my best tips on how to get a good night’s rest-every night, so you can keep a healthy and youthful complexion for all the days to follow.


1. Avoid bright lights

At least an hour before going to sleep, try not to shine lights on your face, which typically happens from either watching TV, looking at a computer, or on your cell phone. Bright lights suppress the secretion of melatonin, which is a natural sleep inducer.

2. Use a pillow that makes you feel happy and luxurious

You want to make sure you are sleeping with the right pillow. Stomach sleepers are happiest with a thin flat pillow while side sleepers need something a little firmer to fill the distance between their ear and shoulder. And let’s not forget how important the pillowcase is. Try silk for a luxurious feel or a smart temp pillow case for a cooler feel.

3. Aromatherapy (both diffused and in nighttime skincare)

Incorporate essential oils, like lavender and chamomile that promote relaxation, into your nighttime routine. Try adding drops to a warm bath, drink chamomile tea, or use a diffuser while you read. And of course using it in your skincare is the cherry on top. The beauty of using aromatherapy  is that it will create a mood of relaxation so that you get a peaceful sleep without any disturbance.

4. Develop a self-love night time routine

We all have busy days where it is almost impossible to find time for ourselves. Make it a habit to have “me time” before bed where you can journal, reflect, and truly connect with yourself.

5. Take care of your skin with love

A crucial step to getting the beauty sleep you need involves a skincare ritual done with love. At night before bed, take the time to really care for you skin. Wash it gently, pat dry, and apply products that will feed your skin the vitamins it needs to be radiant the next morning.


To health and beauty xx


  • Posted On November 15, 2016 by Michelle Henry

    I definitely agree with #2, but why stop with the pillow? I say all the bedding and the mattress too! Thanks for sharing.

    M. Henry

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